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  • mncahill

    I'll have to give it a try – it sounds like a great idea. Sending a link to the folks on my dev team now!

    • http://www.sharingatwork.com Daniel J. Pritchett

      I hope it works out well for you. If you've got feature requests or UI complaints they'll be listening at http://stackoverflow.uservoice.com/

  • http://lalunablanca.wordpress.com lalunablanca

    This is inspiring.

    We've provided the Experts Exchange with a few bucks over the many years they've been around. I'll toss this post to a couple of developers (and I'll take a lightweight look myself – I get a strange kick out of seeing people help others – there's such a great reward there and it's a great thing to see happen). In a recent podcast I heard the following which I've repeated many times since,

    People like to be 'useful' BUT they do not like to be 'used'.

    Wonderful post. Thanks for what you do in the community.

    • http://www.sharingatwork.com Daniel J. Pritchett

      Thanks for the kind words, Dave. I can certainly understand why you'd pay EE if they helped you complete a project. It's got to be a better feeling to participate in a more egalitarian community.

      I need to figure out how Stack Overflow intends to be profitable or at least to break even. Paid job listings seem like a popular choice. Maybe they'll aim for a buyout.

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